Solar Steel

Rising The Sun From The Steel.

Solar Steel

While the resources of the world are decreasing vitally every day, the choice of an infinite source such as the sun is our duty to the future. For this reason, Gonvarri Solar Steel makes production in plants located in Spain, America and Colombia as well as Çepaş in Turkey; and it provides a healthy energy source to the whole world.

Solar Steel, which has more than 6 GW completed projects worldwide and more than 320 MW completed projects in Turkey, offers package services including design, manufacturing, supply and installation.

Solar Steel is always in a tight business relationship with its customers. It focuses on determining the most cost-effective and improvable manufacturing solutions for designing new structures depending on R&D resources, the process design of which are totally devoted to solar activity. Solar Steel prioritizes high level of reliability for projects around the world.

Today, Çepaş is proud to have completed Turkey's first licensed solar energy project with Solar Steel in Elazığ.

Industrial production of solar energy steel structures

With the design, manufacturing and operation of the last assembly line on site, Çepaş supplies metallic structures for all kinds of CSP and PV technology. Those presented to solar energy industry by Çepaş thanks to its engineering capability and organizational power include;

  • Information on deep metal structures used in all solar thermal and photovoltaic technologies,
  • Operation of surveying, design and final assembly lines on site,
  • The best cost process in design,
  • The development of new structures that strengthen our experience in processing and assembly,
  • R&D Resources that enable our clients to make co-design of structural solutions.

Product types manufactured:

  • Solar Steel systems fixed on the ground or concrete
  • Single or dual axis solar tracking systems
  • Roof-top Solar Steel systems
  • Parking shelter Solar Steel structures

Integrated solutions for solar projects:

  • Power transmission line towers
  • Lighting poles
  • Lighting poles with solar panels
  • Security camera poles
  • High mast poles


TracSmarT tracking systems, which are at the forefront of Solar Steel's product range, make lighter systems possible and provide advantages with easy maintenance and installation possibilities.

TracSmarT tracking systems, which provide continuity and efficiency by their wireless and independent installation systems, enable more energy production than fixed systems.


Solar Steel

Gonvarri Solar Steel is a brand of Gonvarri Steel Services which is a large industrial group, European multinational leading in steel service centers, automotive components and renewable energies.

Gonvarri Solar Steel has the engineering capabilities and organizational strength to position itself as a solar industry leader.


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175. Sokak No: 2 - 2/A (İstanbul yolu 25.KM.) Saray Mahallesi Kahramankazan / Ankara / Türkiye

Tel: +90 312 815 47 23
Fax: +90 312 815 47 27

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